Design of Enabling Regenerative Materials

The objective of DERMA is to develop new interventions for the
management and treatment of dermal ulcers and related skin conditions,
including stomas. By addressing market and patient need, the project
will deliver advanced new technologies (incorporating marine sourced
biopolymers) ready for exploitation by industry to manufacture improved
products for the treatment of patients. Thus, it will lead to cost
savings for the EU by improving efficiency and success of wound
management by carers.

The two main scientific outputs of DERMA are:

  • Design, development and evaluation of an odour-absorbing and antimicrobial wound dressing (OAAWD)
  • Design, development and evaluation of a diagnostic wound dressing (DWD) with diagnostic capability to indicate wound status

Thereby, the project will progressively be able to deliver intermediary outputs:

  • Design of final prototypes of the OAAWD and the DWD visualized by a
    computer animation depicting functionality and then sent to a large
    panel of stakeholders
  • Prototypes of the OAAWD and of the DWD
    incorporating the previously elected designs and tested for
    functionality which will be displayed in Portsmouth’s public
    dissemination event and in the project’s closure event in Lille
  • Route-to-market action plans for the OAAWD and DWD in order to be assured of the good delivery of project’s results
  • Portfolios containing technical and legislative information on the
    OAAWD and the DWD freely available for any of match-making sessions’
    participants, potentially over 120 SMEs.