Developing an artificial intestine for the sustainable farming of healthy fish

Fish-AI is not an underwater artificial intelligence. It is a research project, funded by Horizon2020, Fet Open-Novel Ideas for Radically New Technologies under grant agreement No 828835.

The research is coordinated by Prof. Fulvio Gandolfi, from the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Territory, Agroenergy of the University of Milan. The experiments will be conducted over the next four years in collaboration with Israel Oceanographic and Linmological research LTD, the Ghent University, Biofabics LDA, the Norwegian University of Life Science and the Skretting Aquaculture Research center AS. The project, identified with the extended title “Developing an artificial intestine for the sustainable farming of healthy fish” aims to develop a new generation 3D culture platform, which mimics the complex microenvironment of the intestinal mucosa in vitro. It is designed for a predictive assessment of alternative components for diets to be used in aquaculture.

The goal is to implement sustainability and competitiveness and, at the same time, significantly reduce the number of animals used for experimental use. Fish-AI is the result of synergies and exchanges between international experts in the field of nutrition physiology, tissue engineering, cell biology and regenerative medicine for the development of innovative technologies at the service of sustainable food production.