More than a research group

The Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group has over 15 years of experience in the synthesis and modification of (bio)polymers. Additionally we have a wide expertise in the polymer surface modification and characterization as well as bulk characterization of polymers. Moreover, our team offers a wide variety in polymer processing techniques.

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Polymer synthesis
Polymer characterisation
Polymer processing

What we offer

Research at PBM focuses on functional polymers for biomedical and biophotonic applications mainly including biomaterials, biocompatible coatings, scaffolds for tissue engineering and biosensors.

Our researchers are therefore studying different types of polymers (synthetic, semi-synthetic and biopolymers) for a large variety of applications. In addition to polymer development, our groups has also been focussing heavily on the surface modification of existing and novel materials.

Our labs are fully equipped to:

  • Modify Biopolymers.
  • Synthesize

    functional polymers from both synthetic as well as bio-based monomers.

  • Perform controlled polymerizations

Our labs are equipped with state of the art devices allowing for the characterization and modification of (bio)polymer surfaces including:

Our labs are equipped with state of the art devices allowing for the characterization of (bio)polymer bulk properties including:

Additionally, throughout our network, we have acces to multiple other devices including:

Next to all your needs for the synthesis of advanced (bio)polymers, our labs are also equipped with state of the art polymer processing solutions including:

Other available devices: