bio INX®

Your support in bioprinting

BIO INX® is a spin-off company of Ghent University focussing on the commercialisation of materials and bio-inks for 3D bioprinting or biofabrication by utilizing decades of academic experience in the field of polymers and biomaterials. By offering a unique material portfolio with a diverse range of material properties, the applications become nearly limitless: the bio-inks can be applied for various tissue types with applications in regenerative medicine and drug and cosmetics screening. Additionally, by offering a bio-ink portfolio suitable for multiple printing technologies, attainable resolutions range from hundreds of nanometers to hundreds of micrometers.

BIO INX® bio-inks are based on 3 core technologies:

  • Shear thinning behavior allows for easy hydrogel deposition with high shape fidelity
  • CURASOL® technology enabling efficient solid-state curing of polymers which enables hydrogel processing as thermoplasts

Our portfolio is subdivided in two categories:

  • Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) MIMICS can be applied both for cell-encapsulation and as a scaffolding material for cell seeding.
  • SCAFFOLD INX: Specifically designed to serve as scaffold for cell seeding. These inks are characterized by an incredible robustness.
Unprecedented resolution for biodegradable resins as observed in our DEGRAD INX formulation