Position Master in Chemistry @PBM-UGent

The Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Research Group, headed by Profs. Dubruel  and Van Vlierberghe, is developing implantable materials at UGent since 2006. Research focusses on the development of hydrogels and polyesters and their processing into scaffolds through 3D printing and electrospinning.

In the framework of a project funded by the Industrial Research Fund, there is a position available within the PBM group for a Master in Chemistry (or equivalent diploma). The position is for one year with a possible prolongation with a second year. The work to be performed may form the base for a PhD. Interested candidates can send their CV and motivation letter to Peter.Dubruel@ugent.be and Sandra.VanVlierberghe@ugent.be before August 1st 2021.

keywords: hydrogels, 3D printing, scaffold


vacancy for Phd position in pbm group

Vacancy for PhD student in PBM group Interested candidates can send their CV, motivation, diploma and overview of your study results to Sandra.VanVlierberghe@ugent.be. Keywords: Hydrogels, scaffold

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